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*bows* To Kuroitenshi's Icon journal, I had a couple people ask me if I had an icon journal on here, well since I really didn't want to get another name I would forget about, I went wow I'm brillant, I'll make it a community. I'm the only one with posting access, but feel free to add & comment if you take anything, that's really important, I spend a lot of time on my icons, FObanners & other graphix. At this time I can't do anything with layouts on here because it's a little different coding wise than I'm use to, but I'll gladly make a wallpaper background of sorts. Check info for rules, thank you for your times & enjoy. If I get a lot of people taking icons & not crediting I'll have to make this journal friends only. Please don't let it come to that. Thank you. *waves*
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